Enterprise In Schools

Enterprise in Schools

IGNITE! is open to schools from across Norfolk and Suffolk, and are a great way of engaging young people and local employers.

IGNITE! Enterprise Days are about getting young people to create a new business concept as part of a one day business activity. The day is broken down into sessions that build with energy and excitement as the day unfolds. IGNITE! Enterprise days are structured around the schools time table, but typically follow a broad timetable.

Period 1 – Team formation and initial brain storming of ideas

The students are put into groups of 5-6, and this becomes their management team for the project. The team appoint themselves into various roles within their company including Design, Marketing, Finance, and a manager. The group then start working on their research and forming their initial ideas.

Period 2 – Developing of the product or idea design

The second session focuses on the overall design of the product or idea, and the team set to work create large scale drawings of what they want their concept to look like. By now they would have developed some branding for their company, and planned out their initial concept.

Period 3 – Marketing plans and Finance analysis

The third session is about understanding who they are going to market their ideas to, and how they are going to do this. This could include creating marketing materials, advertising or creating a jingle

to promote their idea. The also need to consider the finances associated with their idea, which will include calculating income, thinking about costs, and calculating profit.

Period 4 – Developing the sales pitch to the judges

The final session before the presentations start is developing their sales pitch. Each team needs to consider how they are best going to promote their ideas to the judges, and what are the key selling points of their project.

Period 5 – Presentations to the judges and awards of prizes

The final session of the day is the chance for each team to present to a group of local employers, who will judge each team based on a criteria that pulls out the key learnings for the day. Towards the end of the day prizes, which are sponsored by the employers, are awarded for different categories.

Employer engagement

As part of delivering an IGNITE! day in a school, Inspired Youth pull together a team of local employers to support the day. These employers take on the role of ‘Business Mentor’ during the day, and use their knowledge and experience to support and encourage the students.

Towards the end of the day, the employers then form part of various judging panels to listen to the ideas that the students have created. Some of those who have sponsored the awards then present the prizes at the end of the day.

If you would like more information about the different IGNITE! Enterprise Days Inspired Youth runs, or how we can support your school, please contact the team via info@inspired-youth.co.uk

You can also download an IGNITE! leaflet which has an overview of the day. Click here to download.