Inspired Youth now offers two mentoring projects to support young people with their self-confidence and their personal aspirations.  Supported by local employers Inspired Women for the girls, and Xceed for the boys is focused on getting the local business community to support the inspiration of young people so they feel they have much more self belief in their future careers.

Inspired Women started in 2015, with the aim of creating a locally focused project taking inspiring local female professionals into schools to work with young women on various activities.

Inspired Women is a supportive network of female professionals that work directly with young women, sharing their journeys, sharing their successes and sharing their challenges.  Through this work, it is hoped that young women across the region feel inspired to grow their self confidence and self belief, and go on to achieve their personal goals, be they in life or through a career.

The main thrust of Inspired Women is ‘Who Inspired You?’, and through this message, those supporting the project are able to think back and reflect on who helped them on their journey, and thereby understand that they can become that inspirational character for the young women of today.  The Inspired Women programme is aimed at creating opportunities for local business women to work with a small group of young women in two ways.

The first is a mini conference, where business women join groups of young women to talk about topics affecting them today.  The aim is to discuss issues and key themes and this work builds the foundation for the main programme.

Following the conference, a structured mentoring programme is put in place to take small groups of young women on a journey through a series of modules to build on self-confidence and aspirations.  Each is supported by local business women who form part of the group sharing their journeys the challenges and successes.

For more information on how to get involved in Inspired Women click on the link as either a school or an employer.


Following the success of Inspired Women for young women, Xceed is being launched to support a similar outcome for young men and boys in education.  A mentoring programme that will support young males, the focus for Xceed is very much on ‘You Can Be…’ to start conversations between local business men and young males on the demands and expectations on young people.

For more information on getting involved in Xceed, click on the link as either a school or and employer.