Big Conversation


Inspired Youth is very passionate about bringing together the local community to develop its projects, and the Big Conversation is very much about trying to achieve that for both our mentoring programmes.

The Big Conversation is a FREE to attend annual conference to bring together employers, teachers, advisers and young people to discuss the issues effecting either young females or young males.  Each conference is dedicated to the individual mentoring projects ‘Inspired Women’ and ‘Xceed’.

Inspired Women was created through a conversation between Inspired Youth founder, and two leading Norfolk Business Women. From that simple conversation of trying to raise aspirations and ambitions of young women in education has come an amazing project touching the lives of hundreds of women in the region.
This annual event is not only a celebration of the work done in the last year, but also a chance to shape the future of the program to make sure it continues to be relevant to the issues of today.
The conference is your chance to have your say on the agendas touched by the mentoring program.

For more details on how to get involved in these events, click on the links below;

Inspiring Young Women – Inspired Women Big Conversation

Inspiring Young Men – Xceed Big Conversation

Big Conversation Inspired WomenBig Conversation Xceed