Go Sail!

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Inspired Youth is creating a unique post 16 journey for young people as part of our Inspired Futures Program.

Built on the foundations of inspiration, aspiration, destination, the Inspired Futures program aims to take young people through a staged journey from a start point of being NEET through to a destination be it in education, employment or training.

Go Sail! features as an activity in the “Inspiration” part of the journey and a chance for 10 young people a unique opportunity to learn self development skills in the environment of a sailing voyage to Holland over 6 days. This project will be built into our overall Inspired Futures pathway which is a self development and employability journey of change.

The young people who will take part will be facing multiple barriers to employment and training and not undertaking any positive engagement activity. This project will offer a unique challenge to develop confidence, resilience, team work, self awareness and positive new experiences. The project will cultivate positive peer relationships and encourage participants to be aware of those around them.

Inspired Youth has already secured £3000 funding towards the project, and this GOFUNDME campaign is to secure a further £1500 (£150 per individual) to take part.

For more details on the Inspired Futures Program and how you can help Click Here

Inspired Youth works with over 6000 young people a year from early education to post 16 disadvantaged young people. Every project is supported by local employers, giving their time to inspire the next generation.