Who will you inspire today?

Below you’ll find a list of all the Inspired Youth Events coming up in 2019. New dates are being added to the site all the time, so be sure to check back regularly! We also share details of all events in our private Facebook Group.

As experienced professionals and business people, it’s our responsibility to inspire and motivate the next generation. If you’re passionate about what you do and want to help young people gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be the best they can be, then volunteer for one of our events in Norfolk and Suffolk. Whether you’ve got a day or just a few hours to spare, every minute makes a difference!


Inspired Women Mentoring Programme – Hellesdon High School

Our last mentoring program will be at Hellesdon High School for year 10s. We start nearly straight after the Easter Holidays.  This program is working with young girls on self-esteem, self-confidence and aspirations.  You can support this program by sharing your experiences of growing up and what you’ve gone onto achieve in your life.  We are looking to female mentors to support this program.


Xceed Boys mentoring – North Walsham Junior School, Hellesdon High School

Our first Xceed Boys mentoring program of 2019 is at North Walsham Junior School.  Xceed is all about an open discussion with young boys on the challenges of growing up, the pressure to be someone, and the impact that has on career aspiration.  This is a great opportunity to share some of the challenges you have experienced and what you have gone onto achieve in your life.  We are looking for male mentors to support this program.


Enterprise Days

Where it all started. We will be running 2 enterprise day events this summer term.  The students need to create their own business or product in competition with one another.  20-30 teams compete across the day to come up with their ideas and their plans.  The help we need is around idea creation, supporting with marketing and promotion, and financial planning.

Hellesdon Work Experience week

This event was a great success last year, and we hope to finish on a high. It’s an intensive 3-day event covering a huge amount of inspirational and aspirational work. Just a great project to finish on. These will be young people unable to get a work experience placement. So we are bringing work experience to them.


May 2019

Inspired Women Mentoring Programme – Hellesdon High School

Dates 2/5 9/5 16/5 23/5 Times – 9:30-12 Thursdays


Xceed Boys mentoring – North Walsham Junior

Dates.  (Years 5/6) 16/5 23/5 6/6 20/6 Times 1-3pm


Jun 2019

Xceed Boys mentoring – Hellesdon High

Dates.  (Year 10) 6/6 27/6 4/7 + TBC Times- 9:30-12


Enterprise Days – North Walsham Junior School

North Walsham Junior School (Year 6) cookie challenge 13th June 8:30-3pm


Jul 2019

Enterprise Days – Wymondham College

Wymondham College (Year 10) Tourism challenge 9th July 8:15-3pm


Hellesdon High School Employability Week 

17/7 Motivation Day. Building on the elements from both mentoring programs. This is about self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

Mentors : We are looking for people passionate about self-esteem, health and mental wellbeing.


18/7 Aspirations Day. We are going to build a careers exhibition, with each stand being in competition to promote their industry to young people.

Mentors : We are looking for people willing to share how amazing their industry is and help build a careers stand to promote it.


19/7 Destination Day. Our last day. This day is about CVs, covering letters and interview skills. We want every young person to finish with having gained some really valuable experience.

Mentors: We are looking for people whose role involves recruitment. Can be a recruiting manager, recruitment consultant, HR manager or HR consultant.