Enterprise Days

Enterprise Days

IGNITE! Enterprise Days have been specifically designed to give local employers that first easy chance to connect with a local school. The days are completely facilitated by the Inspired Youth team in conjunction with the school, and this gives employers the peace of mind and working environment to explore working with young people.

Each day follows a set framework which is about encouraging the creative minds of young people through a business challenge. Your role as part of this journey is to encourage that creativity through giving an insight into business through your own skills and experience.

As a business mentor on the day your role falls into two areas. During most of the day you will act as a business adviser to the young people, working around the groups, and spending time with the teams watching their ideas develop, and supporting where you can. Towards the end of the day you then form part of various judging panels, helping decide which teams and individuals have excelled during the day.

IGNITE! Enterprise days are really flexible. We know taking time away from the business is very challenging, so whilst there is an opportunity to participate all day, you can come along for just an hour during the day, to be part of the experience.

You also don’t need to have any previous experience of working with young people, or any qualification in this area. The day is completely set up to help you with experiencing working with young people.

All safeguarding on the day falls under the schools policies and procedures, as well as those of Inspired Youth. At the start of the day, Inspired Youth delivers a briefing session covering all aspects of the day, including safe guarding, to ensure you have the best experience possible.

As well as supporting an IGNITE! Enterprise day as a volunteer, you can also get involved as an IGNITE! Sponsor.  Packages start off as little as £50 + VAT, and are a great way to promote your involvement with Inspired Youth, and your support for local schools.  You can also download an IGNITE! leaflet which has an overview of the day, and the sponsorship packages. ignite-flyer-with-sponsorship-2016-2017

Inspired Youth runs IGNITE! Enterprise days across Norfolk and Suffolk. For the latest projects in your area, click on our events page to see the schools getting involved, and more details on how you can book on to support these events.

If you would like more information about IGNITE!, and how you and your company can support these days, please contact the team via admin@inspired-youth.co.uk.

For all the latest dates for IGNITE! days across the region, check out our IGNITE! events diary here