What makes Inspired Youth Unique?

Why is Inspired Youth unique?

Completely focused on Broadening Horizon & Inspiring Ambition

The unique aspect of Inspired Youth is how it has inspired hundreds of employers to come together to support a social issue. Through innovative use of social media, engaging activities, and a focus on mutual benefits, it has been possible to mobilize hundreds of local businesses to support the effort required.

Track record of delivering engagement activities

Since 2010, Inspired Youth has been delivering events in schools and colleges across the East of England, together with major careers events in the region. Thousands of students have participated in these events, and every year the number of activities and participation have grown by 50%. At every event there is always a significant employer presence, more often than not directly from the industry topic, or with a local focus if appropriate. It is this high calibre participation from employers that has created the continual interest from both schools and other interested organisations.

Building a likeminded community

The success of Inspired Youth has been achieved through creating a community that feels connected to the project and one that celebrates in its achievements. This community is formed from all the participating stakeholders including, teachers, employers, supporting partners, and young people. Much of Inspired Youth’s success has been achieved through an enormous amount of volunteer time and financial contributions from employers. It has been possible to build a community of likeminded employers and teachers who connect through participating in the activities, and remain in touch through working together, social media and networking.

Ensuring mutual benefits for all

The Inspired Youth model is built on mutual benefit, not on charity. Because of this, anyone getting involved in the project, in whatever way, will gain through their valuable contribution. Those that participate come away feeling valued, that they have contributed in a positive way, and have gained from the experience. Inspired Youth values every contribution made to its work, from small introductions, through to significant support for its activities. Every contribution plays a part in the overall success of the project, and those contributions are valued and appreciated.