Societal Impacts

What are the societal impacts of Inspired Youth?

3 key focus areas

The key societal impacts of Inspired Youth are broken down into 3 areas, although there is overlap between these areas. For each area there is a societal impact on both young people and employers. These outcomes are focused on these key stakeholders, however, to achieve these outcomes Inspired Youth has to work in partnership with wider stakeholders to achieve the greatest impact.

The 3 key areas are;

  • Inspiration
  • Aspiration
  • Destination

Inspiration: Employers

“To be inspired to get involved and to share their journeys.”

Early engagement of employers with young people at an younger age is the key to building a path of sustainable involvement. This early interaction benefits the young people and employers creates huge benefits for both stakeholders, and begins to get the employers in a place where they can understand their role and responsibility as part of the youth employment agenda.

Inspired Youth is well placed to connect a whole range of stakeholders focused on the youth employment agenda. As leaders in the community, Inspired Youth works hard to raise awareness among schools, colleges and local authorities that local employers are willing and eager to get involved, and that they have resources to make a real difference to young people.

Inspiration: Young People

“To inspire creativity and ignite an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Inspired Youth aims to inspire the creativity in young people from an early age by opening their eyes to the variety of skills needed to run a business. Through these activities it tries to create an entrepreneurial spirit in young people, that whilst they may not go on to start their own business, does give them a chance to build confidence, and desire to succeed that will carry on through their time in education.

Aspiration: Employers

“To be inspired to broaden the horizons of young people through sharing opportunities.”

With so many key sectors in the region, raising awareness around career opportunities within them is of significant benefit to all. Inspiring young people at an early age to forge a path into key sectors is crucial to the future development of those sectors locally, as well as being beneficial for the region.

Aspiration: Young People

“To build a real desire to succeed and explore future opportunities.”

A key societal impact of Inspired Youth is the raising of aspirations of young people, specifically those in rural areas or areas of economic development. Broadening their horizons of career opportunities and exciting jobs will hopefully give them a sense of direction, and in doing so raise their aspirations for the future. It will show that success can mean many things to many people, and that the journey to get there can be varied and exciting.

Destination: Employers

“To create opportunities in their organisation for young people to shine.”

A real societal impact of Inspired Youth’s work is raising awareness among employers that engaging with young people will benefit them in terms of future employment plans, to fuel growth and create succession. It helps them see that by working with young people, they can solve the problems associated with recruiting young people – alongside other benefits of getting involved in their local communities.

Destination: Young People

“To find opportunity to do what they have a real passion for.”

Inspired Youth is well placed to work in partnership to many organisations involved in the youth employment agenda. Through its activities and employer relationships it will always have the potential to help influence opportunities within local employers and through working in partnerships with other organisations.

The real goal for “Destination” has to be the creation of training and employment opportunities that the young person has a genuine interest or passion for. Whilst it may not be the final “Destination”, a relevant “Destination” will help shape the path of that young individual, and accelerate them along the journey to reach their full potential.