Inspired Youth Projects

Portfolio of Engaging Projects












The Inspired Youth projects are wide ranging, from in-school enterprise days through to major sector careers events involving multiple schools. Community engagement is at the core of Inspired Youth’s vision, and the activities it delivers specifically focus on ensuring high value for the participating stakeholders.

The breadth of activities covers a broad range of ages from infant school through to graduate level, and covers a wide spectrum of subjects, careers and abilities.

Inspired Youth’s projects are broken down into 3 areas, although there is overlap between these areas. For each area there is a societal impact on both young people and employers. Here are Inspired Youth’s Projects for Inspiration, Aspiration and Destination.




  • Enterprise Challenges
  • Inspire Assemblies
  • Mentoring




  • Sector Events
  • Mentoring
  • Employer Visits
  • Careers/Aspirations Events
  • Exploring Careers




  • Sector Events
  • Transition Days
  • Introduction to training, further education and apprenticeships
  • Employability Events











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